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Rapfast is pleased to announce the launch of our new Silage Film range:

  • EQ Supreme Eco-Plus Silage Film  

  • EQ Supreme Eco-Plus Silage Film significantly reduces neck-in of the film in the transverse direction, this helps increases the film overlap and makes for a better layered and wrapped bales.
  • EQ Supreme Eco-Plus Silage Film has a higher modulus (Stiffer film) in machine direction and increased memory properties which will allow the bale to wrapped more tightly to give superior wrapped and shaped bales.
  • EQ Supreme Eco-Plus Silage Film has increased density and this helps to improve the barrier properties these improved properties can result in creating the near perfect anaerobic conditions for bale storage, when this property is then combined with our new unique lamination process, offers a superior result in feed quality.
  • Our unique production process also produces flatter film allowing for better sealed bales.
  • Our unique patented process gives a vastly increased film tensile strength.

Industrial Stretch Films

RapFast Ltd is pleased to add our Industrial Pre--programmed Stretch Films to our website. 

(All our pre-programmed films have a 100% re-stretch potential)

We have three new additions to our site, two hand film systems and one auto machine stretch wrapping film.

These new films are Easiwrap Hand Film, Speedwrap Hand Film and our EQ Supreme Super Stretch Machine film. 

What is very unique about our Industrial Hand Stretch Films, they have 100% re-stretch ability. Offering up to 60% cost savings, reduction in wasted warp, saving money in application and in recycling.

Our EQ Supreme machine film has  up to 350% restretch when applied under the correct operating conditions, a vastly improved load holding force. 

Offering one of the best value for money  semiauto and auto wrapping solutions available.

Each one of these unique products have been designed to meet the customers needs, putting the choice back into the customers hands.