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EQ 3000 Machine Stretchfilm

We at RapFast, are pleased to be able to offer our new Range of Easiwrap EQ 3000 machine stretch-film products for the replacement of Standard Cast Industrial machine stretch-film materials. 

These new Easiwrap EQ 3000 materials, will in our view, help our distributor partners dramatically increase their selling margins. This can be achieved by swapping out current standard Cast machine stretch film product lines with our new range of Easiwrap EQ 3000, 2000 and 1500 machine stretch-film products.

By helping our distributor partners make this his simple change, we can help increase our distributor partners selling margins in a dramatic way, (in most cases by more than 100%) it is also worth pointing out that this margin increase can be achieved while also offering the actual film user a better and more cost effective stretch film wrapping solution.

Background to these new breakthrough solutions.

In order to help our distributor partners grasp and understand the reasons for the development of this new and unique range of machine stretch film materials, it is important for us to share with our distributor partners, the philosophy and the drive for improved product performance which has helped lead us to develop and produce these exciting new stretch film materials.

We are a relatively small producer of stretch films based in Ireland, our local market is a very open market due in part, too Ireland being a fully functioning member of the EU.

Stretchfilm distributors in Ireland have to contend with huge over capacity issues which are present in the Irish market. (Local Irish based stretch film production is more than 10 times greater than the total Irish market consumption)

We at RapFast have had to be very innovative, flexible and open to new ideas in order for us to survive in the face of such overwhelming competition, not only have we survived but we have thrived in the face of such odds.

We have been able to gain a strong foothold in this market where we have able to build a business that has a 40% market share in our highly competitive local market.

We are also one of the very few European based producers that have managed to continuously supply our product in USA market for over 12 years.

This ability to build and grow our business in such a competitive environment, has been forged on the back of developing high quality products, we have been able to achieve this by using all of our ingenuity, knowledge and understanding of new developments in Resin and equipment technology which help us create new stretch wrapping solutions that are better performing, more cost effective, superior stretch wrapping solutions, these solutions offer the user many benefits and better value over the value offered by traditional and current stretch film offerings.

This constant updating, re-engineering of our unique multi-layer and laminating production processes have not only helped us survive in an ultra competitive market, but let us thrive and grow our business. We now produce films that can have up to a 500% increase in mechanical performance allowing us to approach the issues raised by wrapping different load types in a new and unique way. These new solutions allow for our distributor partners to dramatically increase their sales margins while also offering a better and more cost effective wrapping solution.

Our Goals!

We now want to share this knowledge with our distributor partners by offering them these products that have helped us succeed in this competitive business environment.

Easiwrap EQ3000 Machine stretch film is just the tip of our capabilities.

We also have available to our partners a larger range of stretch wrapping solutions for the following areas.

  1. Unique hand film stretch film solutions
  2. Unique Agri Silage wrapping solutions
  3. Unique bale wrapping solutions

Why not call us and find out how we can help you increase your market share along with a dramatic increase in your bottom line.

You can call any of the following people that will help you get familiar with our great range of exciting new stretch wrapping solutions.


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