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Pre-programmed Stretch Films

  • Only Pre- programmed stretchflm available with 100% Re-stretch ability 

Easiwrap has been specifically designed to help cut down the time and amount of stretchwrap used in wrapping a pallet. Using easiwrap stretchfilm reduces the amount of stretchfilm required by up to 60% versus conventional film.

Hand Film

  • A small tug is all that is required to activate easiwraps unique elastic memory.
  • Pulling and stretching are a thing of the past.
  • No film neckdown more pallet area covered quicker using less film.
  • No film wastage – 100% re-stretch possible this can give to 600 meters of usable film .
  • Available in 300 meter and 600 meter lengths boxed or bulk packed. (all with 100% re-stretch available)

Dispensed film

  • A true one handed high speed wrapping system.
  • Helps alleviate back ache and operator fatigue.
  • Reduces time spent wrapping pallets (Can wrap a pallet in less than one minute).
  • A perfect pallet is wrapped every time.

Machine Film

  • Better presentation of your product.
  • Lower unit cost per pallet.
  • Up to 60% less film used.
  • Vastly reduces film waste.
  • Converts old and tired machines into fast efficient power stretch systems.
  • Less wear and tear on your machines tensioning system.

Speedwrapsuper-strong super fast maanual hand wrapping system.

Like many of our other products, our Speedwrap has been specifically designed to meet our customers needs. Like easiwrap its advanced designed helps to cut down the time and film used while wrapping a perfect pallet every time. It does this by using RapFast's unique 100% re-stretch ability, helping to secure your pallet while cutting down on time and film used. For example with our 600 meter you can achieve up to 1200 meter of usable film.

The Speedwrap stretchwrapping system allows you to wrap a standard pallet in as little as 5 revolutions, with other stretchfilm's this can be as much as 15 revolutions to achieve  a similar result. The is a 300% time saving! 

  • Very high speed manual pallet wrapping. 
  • Up to 50 pallets wrapped with just one hand roll.
  • Can reduce the cost of wrapping a pallet by 60%.
  • Easy to use.
  • Vastly reduces post wast material.
  • More secure.
  • Availabe with flush or extended cores.
  • improved holding froce.

Simpley the best hand stretch film available today !!!!!

EQ Supreme Super Stretch is a film that we have been devolving for many years and is only possible from extensive work from our R&D department.

Why is EQ Supreme Super Stretch different?? 

  • We guarantee a saving of 15% compared to your current film but have been known to save our customers up to 40%. 
  • EQ Supreme Super Stretch will wrap the same if not many more pallets then your current film.
  • EQ Supreme Super Stretch will wrap your pallet with an improved holding force.
  • EQ Supreme Super Stretch will wrap your pallet faster improving your wrapping time by as much as 20%-30%.
  • EQ Supreme Super Stretch is kinder to our environment as it can reduce the stretch film carbon footprint by up to 70%. 
  • Finally, we are an Irish based manufacturing busineess and are very proud to be able to offer our customers a diverse range of superior high qualitity cost saving machine stretch film grades.