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EQ Supreme Silage Film

What is EQ Supreme:

EQ Supreme Silage film has been devolved through many seasons of trials and testing, giving Rapfast the ability to bring a silage film to the market that is completely different to its competition.  EQ Supreme is the first silage film proven to completely exclude the air, eliminating feed deterioration due to mold and leaving the feed rich in vitamins and carotene. EQ Supreme has been design to protect the contents of the bale from the outside world.

Properties of EQ Supreme:

  • EQ Supreme Film has been designed to meet the very though demands and challenges placed on the silage bales, while reducing costs, saving time and cutting down on the carbon footprint.

  • EQ Supreme has been designed to reduce and get rid of the necking down properties of traditional silage film (width reduction) meaning the bale can be wrapped with less revolutions in order to achieve an acceptable wrapped bale. This can save up to 40% in the cost of wrapping one bale.

  • EQ Supreme Film has a far superior better oxygen gas barrier over traditional multi-layer silage stretch film materials, and is therefore better at reducing feed spoilage in the bale. (With normal Silage film there can be spoilage rates of up to 25%).

  • EQ Supreme Film has been designed to add value back to the end user that has been missing in previous seasons.

Carbon Footprint:

Rapfast ultimate aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the bale wrapping process while lowering the cost for its user. EQ has been designed to reduce wrapping times, cut down on diesel, reduce wear and tear on baling equipment while reducing the amount of film used.

Horizon 20/20:

EQ Supreme has been accepted and approved for stage one of the EU Horizon 20/20 project.

Please see link to the EU below:


EQ Supreme in action: