RapFast LTD

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What do we do?

RapFast Ltd is an Irish owned company specializing in producing EQ Supreme Stretch films.

  • We take great pride in our ability to manufacture high strength patented stretch films and offer our customers the best value for money stretch film solutions available on the world market today.
  • Our goals, are to reduce the amount of stretch film you use, without having any reduction in product performance, to increase productivity while ensuring the wrapped pallets / bales are wrapped securely.
  • RapFast are pleased to offer a break through EQ Supreme Programmed Stretch film which has been shown to reduce your wrapping costs. 
  • We at RapFast produce our own films, therefore, we have the ability to adjust the film to your exact requirements and endeavor to meet the cost point that you require.

Our Products

EQ Supreme RDF Stretch Film is designed specifically for use in the RDF / SRF waste baling industry.

EQ Supreme RDF / SRF Stretch Film has been designed to meet the very tough demands and challenges placed on the stretch wrapped bales by the waste processing industry. 

Easiwrap Pre-programmed Industrial Stretch Film.

Our Easiwrap Film has been specifically designed to meet the demands of our customer in the industrial sector. Our film is the only pre-programmed film on the market that has a 100% re-stretch ability. 

This can offer you up to 60% more usable film than what you may be using today.

See our Industrial Stretch Films page for more information.

Speedwrap Pre-programmed Industrial Stretch Film.

Our Speedwrap Film, just like the rest of our products is designed to meet our customers needs.  Our film is the only film on the market that has 100% restretch ability.

See our Industrial Stretch Films page for more information.

EQ Supreme Super Stretch Film

EQ Supreme Super Stretch is a film that we have been devolving for many years and is only possible from extensive work from our R&D department.

See our industrial Stretch Films page for information.


Please see our EQ Supreme page to see exiting news on our EQ Supreme silage film.